About Us

aboutusDesigned as an inviting and modern spa, Men Square brings traditions of Eastern and Western approaches for healing to make you feel relaxed and at peace. Here, we offer a luxurious spa atmosphere for men only, ensuring individual privacy. We provide the highest standards in hygiene and customer service.


At Men Square, we want to give you a precise balance between comfort and elegance, relaxation and therapy. We have a wide array of treatments and packages specially designed with the male clients in mind. Our services are geared towards skin care and body therapy needs that are specific to men. Keep in mind that our treatments can always be customized to meet the needs and condition of your body.


You can opt for a single treatment, or may wish to indulge in a few hours of customized therapeutic treatment in our exclusive VIP Rooms. Our well trained therapists will assist and guide you along the way to an unforgettable experience.




7 StopOver Rooms - Fully furnished with TV, Shower Cubicle, Air Conditioner, Queen Size Bed and cosy decor

5 comfortable and cozy Massage Rooms


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